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      1.  Think Agri provides sound technical and strategic consulting services to:
        -  corporate and institutional investors and advisers needing experienced base knowledge of agriculture
        -  family owned farm businesses aspiring to reach the next level of success.

        Think Farm Investment

        This service is for corporate and institutional investors, their advisers and asset managers. We provide:
        • Ag insight training for executives and directors
        • Investment strategy appraisals and due diligence
        • Think Agri FARMready assessments
        • Asset management frameworks
        • Access to rural networks 

        Think Farm Business Strategy

        Perfect for family farm grain production businesses serious about the business of farming. This service includes:
        • Profit focused strategic planning and family facilitation
        • Think Agri INVESTORready assessment
        • Think Agri NEXTGENready assessment
        • Governance and reporting procedures
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