How to Run Speaker Wire Through Walls and Ceilings

It is common for many people to be overwhelmed by the thought of installing speaker wires through walls and ceilings. After all, it looks like such a complicated task. However, wires strewn all over the floor or hanging on a wall is a rather unpleasant sight and running speaker wires through walls and ceilings could be a huge help especially for the neat freaks. We shall look at how to run speaker wire through walls and ceilings.

How to Run Speaker Wire Through Walls and Ceilings

The basic way of how to run speaker wire through walls and ceilings involves first getting the necessary tools. These include a flashlight, measuring tape, stud finder, drill and bits, string and fishing weight, fish tape, drywall keyhole saw and electrical tape. Before starting the process it is important to go over some precautions. One should make sure to turn off the power before beginning the process. It is also advisable to avoid standard electrical wiring when running the speaker wire so as to reduce interference. It is easier to run the wires through an interior wall rather than an exterior one.

Once you have taken account of all precautions, use the stud finder to find an open space in the wall between studs. Drill a hole where the outlet is meant to be and using a fish tape feel inside the wall to look out for any obstructions. Once everything looks good then it is time to enlarge the hole for the wire or outlet box. After this one should go to the attic and drill a hole in the same wall cavity as the outlet box. Attach the wire to a fish tape then feed it to the hole until it reaches the other end. Run it to its destination by fishing it through another wall cavity or even through a small drilled hole. Once you feed the wire through the back of the outlet box, all you have to do is insert the box in the wall and mount it in place. Run the wires to the device.

The Dolby atmos ceiling speakers is greatly transforming the movie experience and one can now enjoy this experience from the comfort of their home. These speakers are specially designed to direct sound upward, where it bounces off the ceiling producing an amazingly realistic re-creation of overhead sound. Installation of Dolby Atmos ceiling speaker in a home theater will involve mounting speakers on a wall, adding Atmos height effect speaker modules or installing them on the ceiling. The in ceiling option requires a ceiling height of between eight and nine feet and the bouncing properties may be too inconsistent to provide the desired effect. The best alternative is to mount about two to four height effect speakers near the ceiling or small wall mounted satellite speakers. It is easier to install at a more affordable price and provides the same experience.

One of the best in ceiling speakers that could produce the Dolby Atmos effect is the Polk Audio V60 In-Ceiling Speaker. This speaker is the answer to any customer that prefers the in ceiling option. It is designed for Dolby Atmos use and it uses the Rotating Cam System to ensure a vibration free and safe installation. Onkyo SKH-410 Dolby Atmos-Enabled Modules are affordable add on speakers that are meant to be laced on existing floor standing speakers. They are one of the cheapest Dolby Atmos modules and the allow for bouncing of sound off of the ceilings, simulating audio from above in the process.

SVS Prime Elevation Speakers are height effect speaker and great alternatives to the in ceiling speakers. They are easier to install and can be used as a center, front or rear surround speaker if ideal placement is not possible, making this a very versatile option. There is also the Klipsch CDT-5800-C II In-Ceiling Speaker, another in ceiling speaker that comes at a higher price than the previous one and for a good reason. These high performance woofers bring about the best overhead effects and are a perfect solution for those who prefer the in ceiling option.

These speakers are bound to have anyone glued to their living room, just to listen to the lifelike three dimensional sound coming through. One may not even have to go to the movies once they are installed. And what better way to clear out the mess that is speaker wires than to learn how to run speaker wire through walls and ceilings and putting this knowledge into use.